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Born in 1972, I have always cultivate my innate creativity of expression. For over twenty years, working in a dynamic and professional way. In 2010 I’ve approached the world of photography and currently, I’ve spent most of my days and all the free available time to take photographs, immersing myself in nature, walking in it and feeling free and peace.

The love for nature, the animals and the passion for photography have led me to the creation of my creative and personal collection through which I try to extrapolate the soul and the essence of the subjects in a creative and professional way. My photos have been awarded at the IPA International, Px3 Paris, ViewBug and in the various solo and group exhibitions around Italy. For this I will never stop thanking, Nikon, my family and all those who spend short moments to leave comments to my work, stimulation and gratification.

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Animals in Black

“I knew that sooner or later I would have watched, it was only a matter of time. Finally, his eyes pierce my lense and I was distracted in anticipation and forced to act. I pressed with trepidation and I noticed immediately that the expectation was infinitesimal, absent, nothing. I don’t realized the peremptory intercede the dials of my watch, and they both lived the hope and we were instant. I realized the love, I realized their purity, I realized our inadequacy, I understood the meaning of photography.”

Walking in Nature, observing an animal, its beauty and its particularities, allows me every time to immerse myself in the silence of my thoughts and reflect on the relationship between us and them. Pure souls, instinctive, fragile and devastating, unique, important. This work is dedicated to them, all of them, as a form of gratitude and exaltation of their essence. However not a simple shot, but a meticulous post-processing work between creative virtuosity and fundamental techniques. I put all my experience as a professional at disposal of these portraits, first to emphasize (as much as possible without upsetting the reality) the subject and his own personal beauty and, secondly, as a hallmark of my artistic and professional signature. Anyone observing these works must be overwhelmed by chills and sensations that, through a careful look, must convey the message through the soul to the heart in order to understand, love and respect every single living being.

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