Gian Luca Partengo is a award-winning artist from Turin.

He was born in Turin in 1972 and started working in 1995 as a garden designer. Later he specialized in creative marketing, he studied at the University of Computer Science in Turin and at the IED. He has worked for important agencies and companies in Northern Italy and has always been involved in creativity, marketing and design.

“A photography without post-production, though beautiful in its essence, it’s like a movie presented without sound, editing and arrangement.”

Gian Luca Partengo

Gian Luca Partengo Photography

Gian Luca Partengo Photography

He came to photography in 2010 and since then, after developing his own distinctive creative and professional mark, he has created an artistic genre that is part of his award-winning “Animals In Black” collection, where he has invested all his experience and his love for the animals and nature.

An all-round artist, an excellent designer and an atypical and unconventional photographer whose passion for photography and nature coexist and become a lifestyle, relying on a perfect symbiosis between photographer and portrait subject. What is striking about his photographic style is all that lies behind research, preparation and technique, but above all affect the message and the soul of each portrait.

Demanding and meticulous is his work that takes place before the shooting: research of the subject, of the place, of the propitious moment. It takes the technique, of course, but with a marked personalization and a lot of creativity. Post-production work is also fundamental, between virtuosity and technique. All this to get to the message, trying to extrapolate the soul and the essence of the subjects portrayed by emphasizing them and emphasizing their beauty. The observer must be overwhelmed by chills and sensations, with the ultimate aim of understanding, understanding, loving and respecting every single living being. He has won and has had many awards and prizes always in the field of nature photography that has become a reason for personal and professional life.

He is currently working on the creation of a photo-scientific book in collaborations with Turin academics. The work will focus on the delicate issue of safeguarding animal species.

Awards & Pubblications


// Hippopotamus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // ViewBug | Monthly Pro Vol 39 Photo Contest Winner
// Hippopotamus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // ViewBug | Finalist at Colossal Wildlife Photo Contest
// Hippopotamus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist in Colossal Wildlife Photo Contest
// Symphalangus syndactylus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // Nikon Italia | Published in their official Facebook page and ADV campaign
// Hippopotamus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // IPA (International Photography Awards) | Honorable Mention | Wildlife Category
// Redbull Turin Event // 2018 // ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist | On Fast Photo Contest
// Vulture Sunset // 2018 // Oasis Photo Contest | Finalist
// Smooches // 2018 // IPA (International Photography Awards) | Honorable Mention | Harmony-nature Category
// Forever Protected // 2018 // IPA (International Photography Awards) | Honorable Mention | Harmony-people Category
// Hippopotamus // Animals In Black Collection // 2018 // ViewBug | Won Pro Photographer of the Month Contest
// Smooches // 2018 // ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist | People And Animals Photo Contest
// Rosemary and the Ant // 2018 // National Geographic Italia | 1 Week Cover in the Official Facebook Page (05/11 March)


// Animals In Black Collection // 2017 // Px3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) | Won Silver Winner | Wildlife Category
// My father, my hero, my rock … just My Dad // 2017 // IPA (International Photography Awards) | Honorable Mention | Family of Man Old Age Category
// Smooches // 2017 // ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist | Macro Games Photo Contest
// Mantis Religiosa // 2017 // N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 66
// Shelob // 2017 // N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 63
// Along the river … // 2017 // Contemporary Art Exhibition (Palazzo Einaudi Chivasso) | Won Third Prize
// Rhinoceros // 2017 // Digital Camera (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 176
// Venice // 2017 // N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 59
// Black Italian Stallion // 2017 // N Photography (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 59
// Black Lemur // 2017 // Digital Camera (Sprea Editori) | Published in the Magazine nr° 173
// Redbull Turin Event // 2017 // ViewBug | Won Contest Finalist | On Wheels Photo Contest


// American Staffordshire Terrier // 2016 // ViewBug | Won First Prize | I’m A Bully Photo Challenge
// Yawning … // 2016 // ViewBug | Won Member Selection Award | Won Featured
// Redbull Turin Event // 2016 // ViewBug | Won Featured | Won Contest Finalist | Fast Cars Photo Contest


Camera Bodies

Nikon D810 DSLR // 36.3MP HDSLR camera with no Optical Low Pass Filter.
Nikon D90 Digital // 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor.


NIKKOR 105MM AF-S VR MICRO F/2.8G // Versatile long-reach macro lens with VR image stabilization.
NIKKOR 18-105MM AF-S DX F/3.5-5.6G // Outstanding sharpness in a 5.8x telephoto zoom.
NIKKOR 24-120MM AF-S F/4G // Fixed f/4 standard zoom lens with greater telephoto reach.
NIKKOR 70-300MM AF-S VR ZOOM F/4.5-5.6G // Compact, high-performance telephoto zoom lens with VR II.
Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM S // A high-performance, high-end ultra-telephoto zoom lens

Flash and Accessories

Nikon SB-910 SPEEDLIGHT // Nikon’s flagship Speedlight for enthusiasts and professionals.
Aputure AHL-HN100 Amaran // Halo LED Ring Flash for Macro.
Nikon MC-30A // Remote Trigger Release.
KKenko Set Extension Tubes // 12mm, 20mm, 36mm Macro Extension Tube Set.
Neewer 43-inch / 110cm 5-in-1 // Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag.

Memory Cards Top

Lexar CF Cards UDMA 1066x // Professional-level speeds and capacities card.
Lexar SD Cards 1000x // Quickly capture and transfer high-quality photos.

Camera Support Top

Manfrotto 055XDB // Aluminum Tripod.
Manfrotto 804RC2 // 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head with RC2.

Camera Bags Top

Lowepro BP 350 AW II Runner // The bag, purpose-built to organize and protect maximum gear in a compact design.



Apple Image Capture // A built-In utility inside OSX, for rapid capture.
Adobe Lightroom CC // Organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere.
Adobe Photoshop CC // Create anything you can imagine. Anywhere you are.
Camera Raw // Work and develop your photos from your RAW files.
Google Nik Collection // Add the power of the Nik Collection to your workflow.
Skylum Aurora HDR // The world’s most powerful HDR photography software.
Skylum Luminar // Supercharged photo editor that adapts to your skill level.
Skylum Noiseless CK // The best-in-class noise reduction software.
Skylum Tonality CK // The next generation black & white photo editing.
Topaz Labs // Plugs into your editing software and gives you editing superpowers.

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