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Black and White

“Black and white is pure poetry, fascinating Haiku that in a few lines reaches your heart and makes you weep.The black and white is a story as much as perhaps a color shot, it is the word, thought and voice of those who, in the first place person, gets excited behind the lens trying, then, to amplify the feeling towards anyone watching the photo.It is certainly not simple to think in black and white and often is not necessary, but it is a rainbow of feelings.”

Otherwise from my main collection “Animals In Black“, these shots are the result of random instants and certainly not sought after. I like to observe and experience the places of my city, I like walking, listening and watching, I like to stop suddenly and take a picture. It is not street nor reportage; only moments that I live and which, with gratitude, I present to you in the hope that they can arrive as they did with the undersigned anocr before, in the eye.

// This is my emotions collection //

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