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“As a young man I was lucky enough to live and own sports cars and motorcycles sports. The taste of listening to the sound of American horses under the ass was definitely a strong emotion. Growing up with the American myth in his eyes, a lover of engines like every boy, I decided I would do everything to get a Mustang. My father, a loyal ally, was an accomplice of this passion and so, a Corvette first and then GT came. Today, they are only memories but the passion has remained alive and with it the feeling that I feel every time I portray a sports car or luxury.”

For me, the photography of sports or luxury cars is not just a sports reportage but are unique portraits of that essence of grit, beauty and power that only the engines and some cars can give.

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Send me a photo of your FRIEND
with these specifications

  • RAW, JPG or TIFF file format. One or more files.
  • 300DPi high resolution file and minimum 2000px width
  • Photograph of the subject taken frontally or, in any case, with the eyes facing the camera.
  • Photography with subject on focus
  • Photography background as neutral as possible
  • The name of the file like this: yourname-petname.filename (ex .jpg)
Your Friend's Portrait is Forever

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