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If you like one of my photos, in the meantime … THANKS!

Surely maybe you’re thinking how it would look good on the wall of your office or at home or maybe you want to give a gift to someone dear to you. In collaboration with Photogem, I offer you the possibility of stealing my work in Fine-Art quality. The photos, in this way, are reproduced with meticulous care on precious supports and with techniques that guarantee a high quality and durability over time. They can also be accompanied by a certificate that certifies the qualities and possibly the circulation.

Photogem, a professional, fast and scrupulous laboratory, is Digigraphie certified, which identifies a process able to guarantee the highest levels of color matching, print quality and durability of photographic reproductions.

Write me at info@gianlucapartengo.photography or fill a form below to request a quote.

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Gianluca Partengo Photography
Turin (Italy)
P / +39 347 03 37 567
E / info@gianlucapartengo.photography

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